I spend a lot of time on the road. If I were not a photographer, I don’t know how I would ever survive the journey from point A to point B. Every trip is constantly and pleasurably interrupted by visual stimuli that demand my attention. There are things and places I feel compelled to photograph and further investigate. STORYBOARDS, is a body of work that explores my interest in the interaction of old and new, past and present, and the validity of each.

Borrowing the title from the film and television industry, storyboards are preliminary drawings that represent the visual and chronological structure of the story to be filmed. This body of work is an interpretation of this concept. The idea of using several images as one is not new, but I feel compelled to explore it. My interest in this technique is strongly influenced by the work of David Hockney and Robert Rauschenberg, both of whom use photo-collage in different ways.

The construction of the images can create a feeling of spatial disorientation when they are viewed at close range. When viewed from a distance, they become formal abstractions; a palette of lines, shapes, colors, and texture. Most importantly, these images are meant to represent a place using several detailed photographs as opposed to one straight image. I believe this can allow for a more complete understanding of the subject and the story it holds.

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