Masons – Solomon’s Lodge #1 – Savannah, GA

For nearly 300 years the influences of the institution of Freemasonry in Georgia have shaped the destiny of this State and Nation.
The British Colony of Georgia was the first Colony that Masonic Charity ever founded for the poor, the distressed and the persecuted. He who founded Georgia, James Edward Oglethorpe, instituted the first Masonic Lodge within its borders. That FIRST LODGE is now known as Solomon’s Lodge No. 1, F. & A. M. at Savannah the Mother Lodge of Georgia Masonry. Her Masonic Brethren have been among the most illustrious of Georgia’s sons. Her symbols like a rainbow of mercy have betokened the covenant of peace even amidst the rudest scenes of war and the foeman and the freeman have met under her arch in security and separated friends and brothers. Please visit them at

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