Asi Tea Product Shots

Here are samples of Commercial Product Photography for Asi Yaupon Tea. These images were shot in my photography studio located in downtown Savannah, Georgia.

Yaupon (yo-ponn) is an antioxidant super-leaf discovered thousands of years ago by Native Tribes in the southeastern U.S. They referred to it as “Asi,” “The Purifier,” and “Big Medicine,” believing that it cleansed the body and mind. In the fall of 2010, Lou Thomann, an ex-rice trader, historic building renovator from Savannah, GA, took a weekend trip to nearby Ossabaw Island. There he was introduced to the Yaupon Holly Tree. After three years of traveling to trade shows, meeting with university professors, and scouting out the best locations to sustainably harvest this plant, Lou began bottling his handcrafted tea, launching Asi Tea Co. and officially branding a tea company that embraces this amazing plant as a true national treasure. Follow Asi Yaupon Tea on Facebook.

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